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South Jordan, Utah 

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Caking Classes

Cake Class #5: Fondant Figurines Class
This class will teach you the basics in fondant figurines by hand sculpting Santa, Rudolph, a Snowman and Christmas trees (or essentially a man, a dog, and other scenery items). In the Christmas themed class, we'll make snowflakes and holly. We will discuss different mediums for different figurines but focus on gumpaste and fondant in this class.    

There is technically no real cake in this class but you will be taking home an 8-inch round fake cake to display your Christmas scene. You can use this fake cake over and over to build your caking portfolio and to gain more practice in covering cakes with fondant.

This class typically lasts around 3 hours. The $100 class fee is required to secure your spot.

​​Cake Class #6: 3D Shaped Animal Cakes  This is one of my favorite classes to teach because each student gets to choose their own animal to make and each creation is adorable in its own unique way. We will all start with the same materials to shape, carve, cover, and decorate a laying down animal using marshmallow fondant to complete the details of each animal. In one class, we made a giraffe, pig, teddy bear, cow, bunny, and elephant. This means that each student made their own but also learned to make all of the other animals in class! You'll learn to sculpt a 3D animal, cover it in fondant, and create its scenery to complete the look.

​This class typically lasts around 3-4 hours. The $120 class fee is required to secure your spot.

​Cake Class #7: Garden Cupcakes Class 
For those of you who love cupcakes, this class is for you! You'll learn a variety of different buttercream techniques to frost your cupcakes including a class swirl, grass, hydrangea, and more. Then, you'll hand make marshmallow fondant toppers for each cupcake including ladybugs, bees, caterpillars, and more.

You'll make a dozen cupcakes in different flavors with different techniques to make cute and custom cupcake toppers. This class typically lasts around 3 hours. The $75 class fee is required to secure your spot.

Cake Class #8: Fondant Safari Animals  

Fondant animals are great for birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, and safari themed wedding cakes (okay, that's probably not a thing). In this class, you'll learn a variety of animals and we'll discuss different mediums for figurines so that you use the right material for the right animals. While we'll make a few safari animals, these are the basics to doing any animal in different poses.

There is technically no cake in this class since you'll be making fondant animals so don't expect to get to eat any yumminess unless you bring it yourself :) This class typically lasts around 3 hours. The $85 class fee is required to secure your spot.

Cake Class #9: Antique Book Cakes  

In this class, students will complete an antique, all edible book cake. You will frost the book, cover it in fondant, decorate it, and airbrush the cake to take it to the next level. We will also discuss the basics in airbrushing and you will gain experience using one. A few other techniques learned in this class are hand piping work, brush embroidery and fondant lettering, using molds and cutters. 

This class typically lasts around 3-4 hours. The $110 class fee is required to secure your spot.

Corporate & Large Party Cake Decorating

Salt Cake City can host your next corporate event or family reunion with an awesome cake decorating contest! We supply all of the cakes, cake decorating materials like buttercream, rice krispie treats, sprinkles, and edible paint. You bring the energy, competitive spirit, and appetite for yummy cake! Email for times, prices, and details to make your next event something special that you'll never forget! 

Student Creations

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Jennifer's Teaching Experience
Jennifer earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies and her Master's Degree in Instructional Communication. While earning her Ph.D. in Interpersonal & Instructional Communication, she fell in love with caking and made the switch to pursue her true passion, all things sugar! Jennifer has taught a variety of communication courses at the University level for nearly a decade. Her training in communication and education allow for a very professional and fun class environment. 

All of Salt Cake City's classes are 100% hands-on with all materials supplied from beginning to end which means you show up with some energy and leave with new knowledge, a binder for more information, and your very own creation. There are only a few spots available (ages 12 and up) for each class so that you get personalized training and attention. If you have a group of at least four to five friends or family that are interested, we can set up a personal cake class just for you, otherwise, feel free to email for dates and times of upcoming cake classes.

Cake Class #1: Caking for Beginners
Whether you're a first time caker or a buttercream queen, this cake class is fun and full of caking basics, tips, and techniques. While the class is focused on using marshmallow fondant, you will also learn:
- the tools necessary to make a beautiful cake 
- where to get caking tools for cheap 
- how to make marshmallow fondant 
- how to torte cakes 
- how to frost a cake with buttercream 
- how to cover a cake in fondant 
- various fondant decorations & techniques 
- how to decorate and complete your cake creation 

The class generally lasts around 3-4 hours but the timing will vary depending on how long students spend decorating their creations. The $100 class fee is required to secure your spot.

​Cake Class #2: Topsy Turvy Cakes
For those who are more advanced and willing to take on the challenge, I offer a class on how to assemble and decorate a topsy turvy cake.

In this class, you will:
- Make & assemble a two-tiered topsy turvy cake
- Discuss the different methods of making a topsy cake (we will focus on one method in particular but it's important for you to know the difference)
- Torte and frost your cakes
- Cover your cake in marshmallow fondant
- Stack your tiered cake successfully using proper support structures (which are used in any tiered cake structure)
​- Decorate the 2-tiered cake with the fondant decorations you make in class

This class typically lasts around 4 hours. The $145 class fee is required to secure your spot.

Class #3: Sugar Flowers & Square Cakes In this advanced cake class #3, you will gain experience frosting and torting a square cake with a cream filling (making sure to get those perfect edges) and covering a square cake with marshmallow fondant using a traditional method. We'll also cover making a variety of different sugar flowers from gumpaste including roses, daisies, singles, cut outs, and ruffled flowers.​

This class typically lasts around 3-4 hours. The $125 cake class fee is required to secure your spot.

Cake Class #4: Purse Cake Class

In this class, you’ll learn how to sculpt a purse out of cake, cover it in marshmallow fondant and use gumpaste decorations to top it off. You’ll be making a ruffled sugar flower and an edible sugar brooch to accent the cake along with fondant make up pieces that you will hand shape yourself. You will learn about using creative tools to create a realistic purse cake and make up pieces. While we'll be sculpting a purse, this class will give you the basics on shaping different forms out of cake and covering them successfully with marshmallow fondant.         

This class typically lasts around 3-4 hours. The $110 class fee is required to secure your spot.