Wedding Chicks
(October 2016)  

The eclectic boho style of this

shoot created such a unique

and beautiful wedding! The

ornate details and bold colors

add a touch of drama, and it’s

all topped off with an array of

stunning tropical florals. I

modeled this cake after the

set of china being used in the shoot along with the table used for the cake. Photography by Todd Collins Weddings


South Jordan, Utah 

(and surrounding areas)


Utah Bride Blog
(Aug. 2013)
This all buttercream nautical

cake with navy and white

border. We tied in the nautical

theme with edible gold rope

and anchor topper. Custom

cookies provided by 

our partner vendor, Sweet 

Shop Natalie. Custom vintage

wedding dress provided by our

partner vendor, Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding GownsPhotography provided by  Callie Hobbs Photography and Elyse Alexandria PhotographyCheck out the full shoot here: 

Mountainside Bride
(Aug. 2013)  

For this boho themed shoot,

I made a rustic buttercream

cake with earth toned sugar

flowers cascading down the

middle tier. Photography

provided by our partner

vendor, Amy Cloud

PhotographyCheck out the full shoot here:

100 Layer Cake
​Wedding Blog
(Aug. 26, 2013)  

This geometric ombre cake

took hours to complete but

ended up being the beautiful

accent piece to such a unique

photoshoot. Flowers provided

by our partner vendor, 

Flower AfternoonCheck out the full shoot here: 

Salt Lake/Park City 
​Bride & Groom
(Fall 2013 Cover)  

Check out more information

on this photo shoot and Salt 
​Cake City's golden delicious

cake with a hand crafted

sugar flower with edible

gold lining here at Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom's blog.


Partners We Love:

Mother's Day Sunday
​Sweets: Cake Wrecks
(May. 2013)  

Here in Utah, it is common to

have "Return Missionary"

parties when LDS missionaries

come home. This cake was for

missionary who was in

China and it happened to make

Cake Wreck's Sunday Sweets

on Mother's Day. All edible 

from the chopsticks to the

fondant fortune cookies. I hand painted the gold onto the dragon, the Chinese symbol and house on the take out box. This one was so much fun to make. Check out the post here: 


Wedding Venues:

Stonebridge Golf Club:

- The Overlook at the Ridge

- Millcreek Inn:

- Le Jardin
​(801) 326-2511​



Terra Cooper Photography

Pepper Nix Photography

- 2 Point 8 Studios

​​​- Brian Smyer Photography

(801)613-7514 ​​

Wedding Specialty:

​- Betsy Couture Vintage
Wedding Gowns


Don Woodbury Productions:

- Sweet Shop Natalie: 


Diverse Diva (Event planning)

(801) 815-5551

- Harvest Moon Events 
(435) 901-3625

Rev. Sharon Vollett 
Petals & Promises

Rev. Christopher T. Scuderi 

Universal Heart Ministry

Rev. Anita Gordon

310~874~7300  ​

Marry Me Ink Blog
(July. 2013)  

I love making unique cakes

and this cake was definitely

unique! The beautiful couple

had a vintage Hollywood 

theme complete with a very

bold cake covered in

marshmallow fondant with

hand piping on the bottom

tier and hand made ​fringe on

the middle tier. Check out the full wedding here:

Aisle Perfect
Wedding Blog
(January 2014)  

This gold glitter covered cake 

was covered in marshmallow

fondant with a charcoal

border to top off the look.

Beautiful wedding dress by

our partner vendor,

Betsy Couture Vintage Wedding Gowns.

Photography by Anna Gleave Photography.

Les Miserables Inspired
Wedding Shoot
​Terra Cooper Blog
(December 2012)  

Before the new Les Miserables

Movie came out, Terra Cooper 

wanted to do a Les Mis

inspired wedding shoot and

it turned out so beautiful that

I have to post it here. Check

out the full shoot at:

Modern Marvels Sunday
Sweets: Cake Wrecks
(July 2011)  

The first time I heard I was on

Cake Wrecks, I was really

nervous. Luckily, it was for a

Sunday Sweets cake! Here is

the "Modern Marvel" cake I 

made for a wedding. Check

out the post here:

Standard Examiner
(January 2016)  

This article highlighted Salt Cake City for turning a caking hobby into a business. It's full of pictures and video of what it looks like to own a licensed home business.

Off Beat Bride
(February 2016)  

Rachel & Amy celebrated

their 20 year relationship

with a beautiful wedding

at Red Butte Gardens.  We

modeled the cake after

their favorite Indigo Girls

CD cover. Now THAT was a fun cake to make!

Photography by Farner Photography